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Prof. Dr. Taoufik Nouri,        EMail

University of Applied Sciences  Switzerland

Artificial Intelligence, Information System, Data Mining, Fuzzy System, Knowledge-Based System, Uncertainty Management, Data base and Optical and Biological Computing


Professor of Informatics in Health Care & Life Science, optics  and Artificial Intelligence


Received a diploma in Electronics-Physics and the degree of Doctor ès Sciences (PhD) in 1986 and 1991, respectively. His thesis work was on Knowledge-Based optical system-design and Artificial Intelligence.

Patents & Publications

He is the author and co-author of many patents, book, chapters in books, technical reports and publications in the field of optical system for medical and industrial applications, Knowledge-Based System and Artificial Intelligence.

Current researches

His current research interests include Knowledge-Based Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Optical and Biological Computing, Fuzzy System, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic, Data Base and Information System.

Courses taught

Prof. Dr. T. Nouri has given the following courses: Knowledge-Based-System, Logic Programming, Case-Based Reasoning, Data Mining, Fuzzy Logic & Uncertainty Management, Information System, Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing, Introduction to Computer Science, Data Base, C/C++, Java, Smalltalk, Modula, Assembler and Laser & Optical Design.

Thesis supervised

More than 60 theses in the fields of AI, knowledge-based system, data base and real time robotic.

Referee for

Prof. Dr. T. Nouri is reviewer for the Optical Engineering magazine.


Prof. Dr. T. Nouri is speaking and writing fluently many western and oriental languages, especially English, German, French and a working knowledge of Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Arabic and Hebrew.


Prof. Dr. T. Nouri worked for many companies in Canada, USA and Switzerland


Prof. Dr. T. Nouri is member of SSOM, SPIE and ACM